The Map Of Detroit – The Best Travel Guide For Détroit

Detroit is a unique city. It’s old and new, densely populated and sparsely populated, filled with culture, arts, and history – it’s just complicated. You should really get to know it before you go! The Map Of Detroit is your guide to all the best spots in Detroit!

Map of Detroit

Detroit is one of the most unique and interesting cities in America. With its eclectic mix of architecture, neighborhoods, and people, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to visit this great city. Whether you’re looking for a place to stay, eat, or explore, this map will help you get the most out of your trip.

This map is designed to be your ultimate travel guide for Detroit. Within each section are all the essential details you need to know about the area, from restaurants and bars to attractions and shopping. We’ve also included helpful tips on what to do and see in each district, making your visit as smooth as possible. So whether you’re planning a short trip or a long stay, make sure to check out our map!

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Detroit’s History

Detroit has a long and rich history that is fascinating to explore. The city was founded in 1701 by the French, and became the center of the automotive industry after World War II. Today, Detroit is a vibrant and beautiful city with an impressive architectural legacy. Here are five reasons why you should visit Detroit:

1. Historical Sites: Detroit has a wealth of historical sites, including Fort Wayne and Fort Dearborn, which were both used during the War of 1812. The Michigan Central Station is another iconic site that is worth visiting.

2. Architecture: Detroit’s architecture is stunning, and there are plenty of buildings that are worth seeing even if you don’t have time for everything on this list. You can start your visit by taking in the Renaissance Center, which was completed in 1989 and is one of the most distinctive buildings in the city.

3. Art Collections: The Detroit Institute of Arts is one of the most renowned art museums in the United States, and it has a significant collection of art from throughout history. If you’re interested in Classical or Romantic art, DIA is worth a visit.

 45 The Map Of Detroit   The Best Travel Guide For Détroit

Michigan Theatre

If you’re looking for a Detroit theater experience that’s unique and won’t be found anywhere else in the metro area, then you need to check out the Michigan Theatre. This beautiful venue was originally built in 1927 and features an amazing proscenium arch with soaring columns. Whether you’re looking for a show to see or just to take in the architecture, the Michigan Theatre is definitely worth checking out.

Motown Museum

One of the most popular attractions in Detroit is the Motown Museum. This museum celebrates the music and history of one of the most famous recording studios in history. The museum has a huge collection of memorabilia, including recordings, photographs, and furniture from the studio. Visitors can also listen to recordings and watch performances from the studio’s heyday.

the map of detroit the best travel guide for detroit The Map Of Detroit   The Best Travel Guide For Détroit

Eastern Market

Eastern Market is a must-see destination for visitors to Detroit. It’s a lively, open-air market with over 80 vendors selling everything from produce to artisanal goods. What makes Eastern Market so special is the fact that it’s always changing – new vendors move in and out, and the selection of items on offer is always fresh. Whether you’re looking for snacks, drinks, or souvenirs, Eastern Market has something for everyone.

Eastern Market is also a great place to people watch. The market is packed with locals and tourists alike, so there’s always something interesting happening. If you want to get up close and personal with the vendors, be sure to arrive early in the morning or late at night when the market is busiest.

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Canals and Riverwalk

Detroit’s canals and riverwalk are a beautiful addition to the cityscape. Visitors can take a leisurely walk or bike ride down the waterways, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city while taking in the fresh air.

The riverwalk stretches for more than 3 miles and has plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops to explore. Kayaks and paddleboats are also available for rent, making it the perfect place to spend a summer day.

Detroit’s canals and riverwalk provide an interesting insight into the city’s history, as well as providing visitors with a relaxing break from the bustling downtown area.

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Downtown, Midtown, and Westside

Detroit is a city that never sleeps, and that’s why it has so many attractions and restaurants open late. Downtown Detroit is home to the iconic Michigan Theater and the Renaissance Center, while Midtown is known for its shopping and nightlife, including the famous Greektown district. The Westside is home to the University of Michigan campus, as well as some of Detroit’s most famous neighborhoods, like Greektown and Corktown.

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Suburbs of Detroit

Detroit is known for its vast downtown area and its neighborhoods of old factories and warehouses. There are also many suburban areas to explore, each with its own flavor. Here is a guide to the suburbs:

Acadiana: This is a residential area north of Detroit, known for its big houses and lakes. It’s also close to Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

East Detroit: This area was hit hard by the economic downturn, but it’s slowly starting to rebound. It has a lot of charm, with homes that date back to the 1800s.

Farmington Hills: This affluent suburb is home to many famous people, including Martha Stewart and Eminem. It has a ton of shopping options, as well as some great restaurants.

Grosse Pointe Park: Grosse Pointe Park is one of the wealthiest suburbs in the Metro Detroit area. It has lots of beautiful homes and a well-known golf course.

Livonia: Livonia is another suburban area that’s been doing well lately. It’s got a lot of retail options, as well as plenty of eateries and nightlife spots.


Detroit is a unique city, and with that comes an equally unique travel experience. Whether you want to explore the downtown area or take in some of the local sights, our map of Detroit is your ultimate guide. We’ve included everything from tourist attractions to food establishments, so be sure to download it and explore all that Detroit has to offer!

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