Map Of Houston, A Guide To The Best Places

Love Houston? So does Linda Hill, the author of this guide for visitors to the city. With its diverse culture and bustling business district, it’s no wonder so many people are looking to visit. From nightlife hotspots to the best museums, you’ll learn about all the must-see areas in this guide!

Map Of Houston

Houston is a huge city with a lot to offer visitors, whether they’re looking for history and culture, shopping and dining, or just some relaxing R&R. If you’re planning a trip to Houston, this map is perfect for helping you find the best places to visit. From museums and attractions to parks and neighborhoods, we’ve got everything covered.

Houston is a city full of surprises, and its map is no exception. Whether you’re looking for a locals’ secret or just want to get orientated in the city, this map has you covered.

Houston is notorious for having a seemingly endless number of neighborhoods with unique character and each with its own attractions. From Montrose to River Oaks, here’s a guide to the best places in Houston to explore!

Montrose – Once considered Houston’s version of Greenwich Village, Montrose still retains its bohemian charm with trendy shops, restaurants and bars lining Yale Street. The area is home to some of Houston’s most famous landmarks, like the Menil Collection and the Rothko Chapel.

Midtown – Midtown is home to some of Houston’s most iconic buildings like the George R. Brown Convention Center and the gleaming Chase Tower. This vibrant district provides plenty of shopping opportunities, while also offering stunning views of downtown from atop highrises like the Reunion Tower and JP Morgan Chase Tower.

The Heights – The Heights is one of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods and features charming Victorian homes tucked away on tree-lined streets. This eclectic district is home to some popular attractions like Texas Southern University and the Dewdrop district (an upscale shopping destination).The Galleria – The Galleria is a vibrant community of shops and restaurants located in the heart of Houston’s downtown.

This shopping mall features top-notch boutiques, fancy department stores, high-end specialty stores and even an outdoor ice skating rink.The Virginia – Located just minutes from the main attractions of Houston’s bayou city, The Virginia offers visitors some quiet respite in the midst of all the action. This charming neighborhood is home to several historic mansions dating back to the 1800s, making this a great place for exploring everything that makes Houston so unique.

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Houston Dining

Houston is a city with a lot to offer its visitors in terms of food. With so many places to eat, it can be hard to decide where to start. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here we’ve compiled a map of Houston with all the best restaurants marked out. Whether you’re in the mood for Mexican, Italian, Southern or Creole cuisine, you’re sure to find something on our map that suits your taste.

Houston has a lot of great places to eat. Whether you’re looking for Mexican food, Italian food, Southern food or Creole food, there’s something for everyone on this map!

We’ve included restaurants from all over Houston including Downtown Houston, Uptown Houston, Midtown Houston and much more!

So whether you’re in the mood for breakfast tacos at Taqueria El Tapatio or a romantic dinner at La Colombe d’Or, be sure to check out our map of Houston and find the perfect restaurant for you!

map of houston a guide to the best places 5 Map Of Houston, A Guide To The Best Places

Houston Nightlife

Houston is known for its nightlife, and there are plenty of places to enjoy a good time. Whether you’re looking for a lively bar or an upscale nightclub, Houston has it all. Here are five of the best nightlife districts in Houston:

1. Midtown – This area has plenty of bars and clubs that stay open late into the night. You can find everything from dive bars to high-end clubs here.

2. Montrose – This neighborhood is known for its eclectic mix of bars and nightclubs. You can find everything from hipster joints to mainstream chains here.

3. Rice Village – This trendy district has a lot of upscale nightlife options. You can find trendy clubs and bars here, as well as some great restaurants that stay open late into the night.

4. The Heights – This area is home to lots of popular nightclubs and bars that stay open late into the night. You can find everything from rock clubs to dance venues in The Heights.

5. Downtown Houston – This area has a wide variety of bars and nightclubs that stay open late into the night. You can find everything from sports bars to hipster havens in Downtown Houston.

map of houston a guide to the best places 6 Map Of Houston, A Guide To The Best Places

Houston Shopping

Houston has something for everyone, and there’s no shortage of shopping options. Whether you’re looking for high-end boutiques or budget stores, Houston has them all. Here are our top picks for the best shopping in Houston.

1. Saks Fifth Avenue – This luxurious department store is perfect for affluent shoppers who want to splurge on designer brands. You’ll find everything from luxury apparel to home furnishings here.

2. Neiman Marcus – If you’re looking for high-end luxury goods, Neiman Marcus is the place to go. It has an extensive selection of clothing, beauty products, and accessories.

3. The Galleria – This popular mall is home to some of the most prestigious names in fashion, including Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Ferragamo. You’ll find everything from clothes to jewelry here.

4. Nordstrom Rack – If you’re looking for a bargain, check out the Nordstrom Rack at the Houston Galleria mall. You’ll find designer items at discounted prices here.

5. Hobby Lobby – This chain store is perfect for hobbyists and crafters who need a wide variety of supplies, from jewelry supplies to paints and oils. You’ll find everything you need for your hobby here.

6. Whole Foods – For organic food and other health-conscious choices, look no further than Whole Foods. Besides the aforementioned grocery store, this chain also has a restaurant serving healthy, organic meals with locally sourced ingredients.

7. The Galleria Food Court – If you want to eat out but don’t have time to cook dinner at home, head to the Galleria Food Court. This mall has more than 40 eateries that serve a variety of cuisines and traditional American foods, including pizza, burgers, pasta dishes and sandwiches.

map of houston a guide to the best places 7 Map Of Houston, A Guide To The Best Places


Thank you for reading our map of Houston! Our goal was to provide residents and tourists with information on the best places to eat, drink, see, and do in the city. We hope that this guide will help you make the most of your time in Houston. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. Thanks again for choosing our site!

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