Achieving the Best Makeup Look: Hailey Bieber’s Step-by-Step Guide

Hailey Bieber, the renowned model and style icon, recently shared her proudest moment in makeup artistry on her Instagram Story. She flaunted a flawless and glamorous “latte” look that left her fans in awe. In this article, we will delve into the step-by-step breakdown of Hailey Bieber’s impeccable makeup routine, along with her nighttime skincare regimen. Let’s explore the secrets behind achieving the best makeup look, as revealed by the beauty mogul herself.

1. Preparing the Canvas: The Key to a Dewy Base

To achieve the coveted dewy base, Hailey Bieber begins her makeup routine by prepping her skin. She applies her favorite Rhode Glazing Milk, massaging it gently onto her face. This essential step not only hydrates her skin but also creates a smooth canvas for flawless makeup application. The dewy base serves as the foundation of her stunning look, giving her that radiant glow.

Achieving the Best Makeup Look: Hailey Bieber’s Step-by-Step Guide Photo Gallery

2. Sculpting Perfection: Mastering the Contour Technique

Hailey understands the power of a well-executed contour to add dimension to her face. With a soft contour product, she skillfully accentuates her cheekbones, below her hairline, and under her jaw. The result is a sculpted and defined appearance that enhances her natural beauty. By blending the contour seamlessly, she ensures a harmonious transition between shadows and highlights.

3. Concealer Magic: Concealing for a Lifted Look

To further enhance her features, Hailey employs the magic of concealer. Using a strategic technique, she applies the concealer in an upward motion from the corners of her mouth and eyes. This clever trick helps create a lifted effect, giving her face a youthful and fresh appearance. The art of concealing is a vital step in Hailey Bieber’s makeup routine, proving that attention to detail is key to achieving the best results.

achieving the best makeup look hailey biebers step by step guide 1 Achieving the Best Makeup Look: Hailey Biebers Step by Step Guide

4. The Perfect Blend: Achieving a Flawless Finish

Hailey’s secret to a flawless complexion lies in her impeccable blending skills. She mixes a foundation with her Peptide Glazing serum, creating a customized blend for her skin. Using a fluffy brush, she pats the product gently onto her skin, ensuring an even and seamless application. The final result is a naturally radiant and smooth finish, showcasing her expert technique.

5. Eyes That Mesmerize: Creating a Warm and Shimmery Eyeshadow Look

For her captivating eye makeup, Hailey Bieber turns to a Tom Ford palette, packed with warm and shimmery eyeshadow shades. With precision and creativity, she crafts an alluring gaze that complements her overall look. The combination of warm hues adds depth and dimension to her eyes, making them truly mesmerizing.

achieving the best makeup look hailey biebers step by step guide 2 Achieving the Best Makeup Look: Hailey Biebers Step by Step Guide

6. Framing the Face: Perfecting the Brows

Hailey understands the importance of well-groomed eyebrows in framing her face. She applies an eyebrow gel to achieve a natural yet defined look. The result is well-shaped and polished brows that beautifully accentuate her eyes and facial features. The art of brow grooming is a crucial step in her makeup routine, reflecting her attention to detail.

7. The Final Touch: Mascara and Glossy Lips

To complete her stunning look, Hailey Bieber turns to two essentials – mascara and lip gloss. Mascara adds volume and length to her lashes, making her eyes pop. The glossy lips add a touch of sophistication and allure, perfectly complementing the dewy base and warm eyeshadow. The final result is a makeup masterpiece that showcases Hailey’s creativity and expertise.


Hailey Bieber’s journey to achieving the best makeup look has not only impressed her fans but also demonstrated her passion for beauty and artistry. Her step-by-step guide, filled with expert tips and techniques, provides valuable insights for makeup enthusiasts worldwide. From creating a dewy base to mastering the art of contouring, Hailey’s makeup routine is a testament to the dedication required to achieve perfection. As she continues to inspire and share her beauty secrets, it’s evident that Hailey Bieber’s makeup expertise is truly unparalleled.


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